• Complete End to End wired Tool Chain for DevOps on VMware vCloud® Air
  • Bring Agility with Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Scale & Descale environment as and when required
  • Supports Hybrid and Cloud setup
  • Simple and Intuitive Management Console

App42 DevOps Tool Chain

Best of the breed Open Source tools on VMware vCloud ® Air

Feature & Benefits

Automatic wiring

Automatic wiring of DevOps tool chain

Complete End to End wired tool chain which can be setup in minutes

Standalone tools

Setup standalone tools without requiring you to use the complete tool chain

Setup standalone tools
Hybrid Setup

Hybrid Setup

Supports hybrid setup – DevOps tool chain can integrate with On Premise tools

Intuitive Management Console

Manage your complete DevOps Environment and get detailed analytics on resource utilisation

Intuitive Management Console
Faster Development

Faster Development and Deployment Cycles

Automatically test and deploy as soon as you check-in and push the code, enables you to deliver more frequently.

Reduced Time to Recover from failure

Continuous Deployment allows you to recover fast from failure by immediately notifying about the error.

Reduced Time to Recover from failure
Dev and Operations

Team Collaboration

Dev and Operations team can work collaboratively and control access through roles & rights

Lower Failure Rate

Faster deploy frequency reduces time to market, lower failure rate and mean time to recovery

Lower Failure Rate

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